[Update] Sabika Muzaffar departs from MBM

There are some journeys which heal, others promise to. The courage lies in taking the steps and then pausing to reflect. If the journey no longer serves you, there’s always a new path ahead.

Main Bhi Muslim’s co-host, Sabika Muzaffar, has decided to depart from the podcast. Despite everything happening since 2020, her support and time offered tremendous value to making this podcast and setting its foundation.

Mariyam Haider will continue working on the podcast and taking its conversations forward. For now, MBM will take a short break to go back to the drawing board and come with new episodes, conversations and stories.

You can help MBM by sharing your ideas, thoughts that define the colours of Indian Muslimness. MBM is in a reset mode and will be enriched by your support.

Thank you for being there for our stories. MBM shall continue to offer a space for solidarity, support and love in the coming days.


Mariyam Haider

Host, Main Bhi Muslim