E18 - The Life & Contributions of Fatima Sheikh Conversation with Dr Tahera Shaikh, Pune-based researcher and author who has extensively researched on the 19th century social reformer
EP 17 - Muslim women and public spaces in IndiaConversation with journalist Sameera Khan on women negotiating access and freedom of movement in contemporary times
Introducing MBM 1-2-1 Chats
Hi everyone, A very happy and safe new year to all you kindred souls out there :) It’s been a while since you received an MBM update. As mentioned in…
S2 E5 - Challenging patriarchy & bigotry, within and outside one's community Listen now (53 min) | Conversation with Nazni Rizvi, Senior Reporter at Khabar Lahariya - India’s only independent feminist grassroots news network
S2 E4 - Trans/Muslim/Indian/Doctor Et al.Listen now (56 min) | Conversation with Dr Aqsa Shaikh, India's first trans woman to head a COVID-19 vaccine centre
Main Bhi Muslim’s host, Mariyam Haider, and the founder of Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein, Abu Sufiyan, virtually sat together for a live session to…
There are some journeys which heal, others promise to. The courage lies in taking the steps and then pausing to reflect. If the journey no longer serves…
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