Jun 20, 2021 • 56M

S2 E4 - Trans/Muslim/Indian/Doctor Et al.

Conversation with Dr Aqsa Shaikh, India's first trans woman to head a COVID-19 vaccine centre

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'Main Bhi Muslim' the podcast is a conversational space for individuality and diversity within the context of being an Indian, a Muslim and everything in between.
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In this episode, MBM’s producer & host - Mariyam Haider speaks to Dr Aqsa Shaikh, Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, and the first trans woman to head a COVID-19 vaccine centre in India. 

Their conversation sheds light on Dr Aqsa’s journey of being an Indian Muslim woman, a trans person, a community builder, an activist along with being a doctor and managing these identities with conviction, strength and courage.

Dr Aqsa shares the story of her ‘hijrat’, her faith and her truth, to write a better history for tomorrow. She also highlights ways in each one of us can tackle Islamophobia and regressive gender stereotypes, not just publicly but within our smallest circles. Her personal, professional and political life choices offer a comforting space to all those who live within varying degrees of societal marginalisations.

This Pride Month and always, MBM stands strong with the LGBTQI+ community, and is a place for its voices, rights, and freedoms. Listen to this episode, share it widely, and recognise your part in reimagining a better India.